Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where in the World?

So... I have been a little MIA lately. 2 MONTHS acutally!! Things have gotten ridiculously busy and it shows no signs of slowing down. We are mastering our routine for the fall and soon the Chrismas play at church will be starting... so we will go all out of whack yet again. I thought just a little update in pictures would be a good idea and maybe, just maybe, I would get back into the swing of blogging again. I sure have missed it, but haven't missed reading all the blogs I enjoy reading. I have still gotten on the catch up on everyone else's business... but haven't relayed mine. So... here goes.

At the end of July my in-laws moved backed home to T-town just across a main street from us. We have spent so much time with them since they have moved back and I have loved every second of it. My mother-in-law has quickly become one of my closest friends... believe it or not. They have been fabulous as well to have around for Lillee's sake. She loves her "papa-bob" and "mama di" dearly. Since they've been here we've frequented the zoos, parks, and playgrounds.

In August, we celebrated my birthday by making a week long trip out to Branson. We had a fabulous time... just my husband and I. LOVED IT!! We went to Silver Dollar City, saw Noah the Musical, and also took a romantic dinner cruise down one of the lakes. Can I just tell you that Noah the Musical was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!? The second half of the play you find YOURSELF in the ark. The set wraps around you about 300 degrees. If you have a chance to ever see it...don't question, just do it. Marc also took me on an awesome dinner cruise on the night of my birthday. We had an all you can eat dinner and dessert while we coasted Lake Tanneycomo. It was gorgeous. The captain stopped so we could enjoy a fire and water show on the coastline. The best time on our trip was spent dreaming. We stayed up every night until wee hours of the morning, something we handn't done since we were dating, just talking and dreaming. We discussed things for our future, our ministry future, and ways right now we could impact our community through our ministry at Fairlawn. (Be looking for future blogs about this one!)

September has shown itself to be a busy month as well. We took on painting the outside of our house and just spruceing up a bit in the yard. It was much needed, believe me. I've found myself at garage sales to help make the inside of our house more of a home. I've enjoyed more arts and crafts to pretty up the kitchen and new eat-in kitchen area. I'm sooo excited about that! MOPS has started back up... thank goodness! Miss Mae is attending a library class and we are looking into getting her started in tumbling. How cute would she be in a leotard and leg-warmers??

I'm so excited to begin a new ministry at our church. I got the idea from a dear friend of mine at Two Men and a Lady. She started a group called "Dishing Diva's." They get together and share recipes while sharing the food. I'm going to use that same idea... thanks Lindsey!... and add in a little prayer as well. It's going to be called "Potlucks and Prayers." I found this awesome quote recently that will be our theme, "Christ is the center of our home, a guest at every meal, and listener of every conversation." I'm so excited to get this started. I can't wait to share meal ideas, get more ideas, as well as pray with my fellow sisters.

Here are some recent pics of my little one. She is 21 months old now! I can't hardly believe she will be 2 in December!!


  1. *Tear* I miss you terribly. Your pictures of that little miss are adorable! I can't believe how big she's getting!! Oh my!
    I'm so glad you're starting your own girl/prayer group! How fun! You'll have to fill me on all the details! It's such a great excuse to get together! :)